What is headhunting?

Approaching strangers is what I do. Engaging people from cold calls. Shoulder-tapping them and asking them questions about their careers and their lives – this is the contact sport of headhunting. Do I get hold of everyone I would like to? No Do I have genuine fun on the phone with people every day who [...]

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Are you making these 3 fatal mistakes when interviewing?

I work with some great companies. But even great companies sometimes make mistakes when interviewing. In the past year, I have been given feedback from candidates who have experienced these behaviours, and it has not made them feel good. I am sharing them with you now so that you can avoid them: Rushing the interview [...]

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4 books that changed my life

As I look back on the past couple of years since I began reading avidly again (thanks to Audible and walking to work!), there are 4 books that really stand out in my mind as having had a big impact on me. They are the kind of books that you go back to (I have [...]

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