Understanding what the client requires to produce a bespoke solution is a complex task.

Just like building a website from scratch, an executive search campaign is a significant piece of work.

Retaining a headhunter to approach the market, paying the associated fees, putting in the time and effort to work in partnership which leads to recruiting the right person for the long-term future of the company is a tried and tested approach. It works.

So why would companies want to work in any other way?

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Many companies feel that they get a good deal by working with many recruiters (often 5 or more) on a role, as they drive down fees and make the recruiters compete for the placement.

That sounds good, doesn’t it?

To come back to the comparison with building a website – if your web design company had to build five websites just to get paid for building one, what would it do to the quality of the work?

Would it be 80% worse? 50% worse?

What effect does this sort of activity, especially at the mid- to senior management level, have on the reputation of the company?

I had a situation recently where a firm had been “ambulance chasing” an assignment I was working on, had given half a story to a candidate who was so unsure of the company due to the patchy information he had been given that when I called him up about it he already had a bad taste in his mouth from the half-hearted, misinformed recruiter who he had spoken with. He was turned around by me, but he could have easily been turned off this company for good by his bad experience.

My clients want their reputation handled with well-informed confidence and diplomacy.

What message does your approach to middle and senior management recruitment send to your target market?

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