Approaching strangers is what I do. Engaging people from cold calls. Shoulder-tapping them and asking them questions about their careers and their lives – this is the contact sport of headhunting.

Do I get hold of everyone I would like to? No

Do I have genuine fun on the phone with people every day who don’t know me? Yes

Do I get a kick out of calling up someone who within 5 minutes is telling me more than they tell their best friends, sometimes even their spouse? Yes

Do I enjoy it? Yes, of course I do

People fascinate me. Their quirks, likes and dislikes, hopes and fears. It all comes out in the process of getting to know someone who I might be able to help to secure that next career move. I love the fact that I get to help people to hit their goals, make big changes in their lives and start the next chapter with a new role in a new company.

Building trust quickly because of a genuine desire to help is the foundation of my business. I truly want to help people to make the right move – not just any move.

I also try to avoid any attachment to the outcome when approaching people. By this I mean that if I call you up out of the blue because I’m interested in your profile, then I would very much like to help you with your next career move. However, if it is not for you then I am still very pleased to meet you, and let’s stay in touch!

I believe that these two factors increase my success rate, and make the role much more enjoyable.

What do you enjoy about what you do?