Dear Passive Candidate,

I thought you might like to know a bit about me so that when we talk you have some context.

I only work with clients on exclusive / retained assignments. My clients work with me in this way so that they get the very best service because I know that I will get paid on the work that I do.*

Why would you care about that, I hear you ask?

Here are 8 reasons why this matters to you when I tap you on the shoulder:

  1. The job is real.
  2. I have a detailed brief from my client. I may have helped them to shape it.
  3. I have met the client face to face and I know exactly what they are looking for.
  4. I am working with the hiring manager directly, which may or may not be in addition to HR.
  5. If we decide the role is of interest, I will meet you face to face before I put you forward.
  6. I know the process inside out – who is involved at every stage and what the timescales are.
  7. I will give you feedback throughout that is direct from the client, and if you are unsuccessful I will tell you why
  8. My time is being paid for by my client and I won’t waste it. This means I will not waste your time either.

When we talk, it may be that the role is not right. If so I will tell you straight. We may keep in touch if we think that there is a good chance we could work together in future.

I will look forward to speaking with you in the future,

Yours faithfully,


*For reference, this is different from a lot of recruiters who only get paid when they get the CV in first, no matter whether they have done the work to assess the person or not. On average this ratio of work to placements is anywhere from 1:4 to 1:12 times. What do you think this does to the quality of the work they do?